Rafael deal: People are wrongly informed about the deal…

New Delhi: Between the political assault on the Rafael airline deal, Deputy Chief of the Air Raghunath Nambiar said on Tuesday that people are being given ‘wrong information’ about the fighter aircraft contract and the deal is much better than the deal being done earlier is.

Nambiar flew the Rafael aircraft in France on an experimental basis last week. He said that the deal was negotiated under the leadership of then Deputy Chief of Air Force and he completed this conversation which lasted for 14 months. He said that the Air Force has fulfilled all the instructions received from the leadership of the package for better prices, better maintenance conditions, and the package of equipment for better performance.

French President Macroon, speaking at the UN at Rafael Deal, “I was not in power at the time of signing the deal”

Nambiar said that it was much better than what was achieved earlier. On the question about the allegations of the opposition on offset contract under the 36 purchase agreement, the Air Force’s Deputy Chief said, “I believe people are being misinformed.

There is no such thing that Rs 30,000 crore is going to one side. Significantly, French President Immanuel Macroon avoided giving answers directly to Rafael Deal between all the disputes and said that when the deal was signed for 36 aircraft between India and France, then it was not in power. .