Rekha’s Birthday! Know the story of Mad in love Rekha’s husband suicide….

New Delhi:The evergreen beauty line of Bollywood had always been a dream that they should become the wife of someone and someone loved them unimaginably. But their small dream was complete but they could not reach their conclusions. The marriages of Rekha were many but their marriage could not last for a long time.

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The Rekha once said on the show of Simi Garewal that “I want to be immersed in love, as my mother was missing in the love of my father’s love.” But like his mother, Could get Born in Chennai on October 10, 1954, Bhanurekha was the daughter of a bin-girl. Rekha tells that he always got ready for his father and so did some life with the coincidence line.

Rekha once said that ‘I run away from miles away from the love I have or the world gets away from me’. This statement of Rekha shows love of the fluctuations of love in his life with very simplicity.

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Amitabh Bachchan came in Rekha with the 1976 film ‘Two Anjaane’. According to Rekha, after getting in contact with meet Amitabh, he was transformed. Rekha told that before meeting him, he was never serious about his work, but after meeting with Big, he understood the importance of it. Not only that the line has become serious with its look and style along with that work.  He is considered to be among the top Bollywood actresses. Her performance was highly appreciated in the film house and beautiful.

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Although Amitabh Bachchan has never expressed his love for the Rekha, but the crazy Rekha in his love never tried to hide it. On January 22, 1980, it was a day that the actor’s marriage to Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh came in Rekha with vermilion. But in whose name this vermillion was named, in response to these questions, the line freely said nothing. This was the first time that the Rekha came in front of people by putting vermilion in their demand. Although the mystery behind it is still the mystery that after all who was the vermillion of whose name?

It is said that the Rekha was to express their affection for this act. According to an article printed in the film Magazine Stardust this year, the Rekha used to do strange strange acts to signal people about their relationship with Amitabh.

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Alam’s craving was that when Amitabh Bachchan was badly injured on the set of film Kuli, Rekha reached the hospital to meet him. In the statement given to a magazine during that time, he said, “Imagine I can not tell the person how I am feeling. I could not realize what was happening on that person. I was allowed to die, but not feeling helpless, death would not be so bad. “

Vinod Mehra in Rekha’s life:

After this, actor Vinod Mehra’s entry in the life of Rekha Both have fallen in love Rekha and Vinod Mehra were often seen together. While on one side Line and Vinod were being arrested in the love of each other, on the other hand Vinod’s mummy was against Kamala Mehra’s relationship with Vinod. At the end of 1973, news appeared in several film magazines that Vinod Mehra and Rekha got married in a temple in Park Circus area of Calcutta.

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After the marriage, the ruckus reached both of Vinod’s house in Mumbai. The news has been printed that Vinod’s mother refused to enter the line. According to reports, in anger, he took his sandal from his feet. The line was naught with this behavior of Vinod’s mother. Vinod left them to his house and said that when his mother’s anger gets quiet then he will bring them. But this could never happen again. Due to such pressure on the relationship, there was a crack in the relationship between Vinod and Rekha and finally the two got separated. However, after the years, in the TV show of Simi Grewal, Rekha refused to marry Vinod and said that she was just her close friend.

Husband hanged from the sardine of the line

Delhi’s youth businessman Mukesh Agrawal, who came to the line in 1990, came from Delhi. Both met and fell in love On March 4, 1990, a month after the meeting, Mukesh propagated the line, and on that same night, 37-year-old Mukesh and 36-year-old Rekha got married in Mukteshwar Deity Temple in Juhu.

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A few days after the marriage, Rekha came to know that Mukesh was a depressant patient. Rekha and Mukesh’s expectations were different from this marriage too. When the Rekha gradually started to increase the distance from Mukesh, Mukesh asked Rekha to leave the films. Within a few months of marriage, there was a crack in relations. Due to long arguments and quarrels, only about six months after marriage, in September 1990, the couple decided to divorce mutual consent. A few days later, on September 26, Rekha went to America to take part in a stage show. But Mukesh Agarwal, who chose the way, never left a deep wound in the hearts of everyone.

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On October 2, 1990, Mukesh succumbed to his farmhouse by hanging the line with a scarf. However, in his suicide note, he had written that no one is responsible for his death. But everywhere, the responsible line of death of Mukesh was upheld. In those days the posters of the release line ‘Sheshnag’ were put on the screen. She started calling her husband Killerin The Rekha did not even reach Mukesh’s funeral.