Rogue Monkey Unleashes Terror In Ganjam

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Berhampur:A rogue male monkey has let loose a reign of terror in a remote village of Ganjam district with reports of 15 persons including women and children being injured following the animal’s attack since past 24 hours.

Simian nuisance has assumed alarming proportion in Kanteikoli village under Hinjili police station limits of the district. The injured persons were hospitalized. However they are stated to be out of danger.

The unruly male monkey had literally held the villagers on hostage. It’s mostly children women and elderly people who figure in the hit-list of the itinerant animal.

Monkeys have triggered panic in the locality. Residents are scared a lot. In some places, the animals have attacked people. We have asked the forest personnel for early end of the simian nuisance, said an official of civil administration.

The intimidating presence of monkey is everywhere right from places of worships, schools to village markets. They witty animal is snatching away eatables, fruits, vegetables at opportune moments. We are fed up with animal’s act of nuisance, narrated the villagers.



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