SC: Rafael deal issue at court,hearing next week…

New Delhi: The issue of Rafael Deal controversy has been shadowed in Indian politics for some time now. The main Opposition party, Congress is enclosing this deal as a big scandal with the Narendra Modi government of the Center. Now this matter has reached the highest court of the country. Supreme Court to hear petition on next week

Supreme Court lawyer Manohar Lal Sharma filed a public interest petition in the Supreme Court, accusing him of corruption in the Rafael Deal and asked him to cancel it. The bench, chaired by CJI Deepak Mishra, on the petition has ordered to list the petition next week.

Let Congress Congress President Rahul Gandhi continue to target Prime Minister and Defense Minister on this deal. During his speech in the Lok Sabha, Rahul accused the PM and the Defense Minister of lying to the country of Rafael.

What are the allegations of Congress?

During the debate on the non-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha in the Rafael Deal case from France, Congress President Rahul Gandhi had made serious allegations against the Prime Minister directly.

The Congress claims that the aircraft the deal was bought by the Modi government is being bought by the Modi government for three times the price. Congress alleged that the transfer of any kind of technology to this new deal has not happened. According to former Defense Minister AK Antony, according to the deal of the UPA government, 18 of the 126 aircraft were to be made in France and the rest were to be made in India by HAL.

After confirming France’s deal on the deal’s privacy, the PM itself turned upside down on the PM. After this, four BJP MPs had given a notice of privilege abusive accusation against Rahul for misleading the House in this case. The Congress, on the other hand, has indicated that there is no softening of its stand in the matter and that the secret of the deal was not to cover the price of the aircraft purchased under this deal.

Congress has held more than 100 press conferences across the country on the issue of Raphael. Apart from this, the Congress Core Committee also held a meeting with President Rahul Gandhi. The party planned to surround the Modi government in the meeting.

What is Rafael Deal?

Under the Rafael deal, the governments of India and France signed an agreement to purchase 36 Rafael fighters. Raphael Fighter Aircraft is a mid-engine multi-fighter middle fighter aircraft. It is manufactured by the French aerospace company Dassault Aviation. Raphael is a 2-engine fighter aircraft manufactured by France’s Dassault Company. Rafael fighter aircraft have been named as Omnirol planes, which are capable of playing crucial roles at the time of the war. Air Attack, ground support, air supremacy, heavy attack and nuclear resistance are all the characteristics of the Rafael aircraft.