Singapore wakes up to see huge waterspout over bay. Internet says Thanos is coming

New Delhi: A huge waterspout was spotted near Marina Bay Sands, Sentosa in Singapore yesterday, on May 11, and the whole social media went into frenzy after watching the video.

Singapore woke up early in the morning to witness the weather phenomenon, which moved slowly between the Marina Bay Sands hotel and the Singapore flyer, reports said.

According to reports, the waterspout started at around 8:40 am, early in the morning, and was observed over the bay in southern Singapore.

The water sprout then was followed by heavy rains in the area. Soon after the spotting of waterspout, videos and photos of the phenomenon went viral on social media.

With some people joking that it seemed as if Thanos, from the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s blockbuster film Avengers, was coming to earth.

Waterspouts are short-lived weather phenomenon generally seen over the coastal waters of Singapore, but seems like this one really caught the eye of social media.