Srinagar: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar leaves seminar midway after people raise pro-freedom slogans

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Art of Living founder and spritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar left a seminar midway when audience started to raise slogans in support of freedom of Kashmir. The ruckus was created in Sher-e Kashmir International Conference Centre in Srinagar where Sri Sri was addressing a seminar titled Pagam-e Mohabbat. he had to cut short his speech as some of the audience started to leave the seminar halfway as they alleged that they were told that Pakistani diplomat will also attend the seminar, but felt cheated when they didn’t find any.
Some of the people alleged that they had come from several districts including Shopian, Pulwama, Budgam were made to sit for long hours without any food and water by the organisers.
Another group of people was told that some religious scholar was coming to preach Islamic studies.

What had Sri Sri said in the seminar:

Meanwhile Sri Sri tried his best to win the hearts of the people who have been victim in ongoing conflict in Jammu and Kashmir. When asked about the people’ allegation, Ravi Shankar said that he did not invite those people, instead, he was the one who was invited.However he maintained his calmness during the moments when people started to shout ham ko chahiye azaadi (we want freedom). Later he promised that he will come again and hear everything the people want to tell them.

Meanwhile, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s speech was aimed to heal the hearts of people who have been suffering the conflicts in Jammu and Kashmir. The spiritual leader also welcomed the ‘azadi’ slogans during his address but dispersed peacefully later. He also promised that he would be available to hear whatever they want to say. According to reports in a leading daily, the event was organised by Jammu Kashmir Coordination Committee (JKCC) and despite tensions in the Valley after the recent killings in Shopian, the organisers managed to gather an impressive audience for the seminar.

According to the reports, some people were told that jobs will be given during the function as some management company is coming to train them. There were also reports that some Pakistani Diplomat was also coming to attend the event. A group of the student also alleged that they were promised cricket kits and money but have not been given anything. People started creating a ruckus when made to sit for hours without even serving them something to eat or drink. The people present at the event were from several districts including Shopian, Pulwama, and Budgam.

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