Surat: Bihar boy died, police considers it a accident…

Bihar: Originally a youth (Bihar) living in Surat, Gujarat died on Friday evening. The young man’s family claims that his iron rod was beaten to death. However, the police have termed it as an accident.

This young man named Amarjeet was living in Surat for 15 years. He used to work in a mill situated in the Pandeshwara area and also supplied laborers there. Family members say that on Friday evening, he was returning home from Mills, only then violent mob killed him.

At the same time, Surat Police Commissioner Satish Sharma told News 18 Gujarati that this is not a mobs lining incident and Amarjit died in a serious road accident.

Amarjeet went in search of employment there 15 years ago, and after working hard he even made a house there and got married too. Amarjeet also has two children. Nitin Patel wants to remove OBC Integration platform on the escape in Gujarat – Roopani from CM post

He was a resident of Kodia village of Kanch police station in Gaya district of Bihar. After the incident information, the members of the family are crying after crying. Amarjeet was living in Surat for the past 15 years.

Amarjit’s father Rajdev Singh is a retired soldier. He told that his son was very hard working and with his help the whole family was happily living his life, but the whole family was in shock with this incident.

Amarjeet’s father says that his son has been killed due to an environment against Biharis in Gujarat. With the Bihar government, he has urged the Gujarat and the Indian government to take necessary steps to prevent this violence so that no other family has to undergo this pain.