The day of 1971 war: when the Taj was covered with leaves and black cloths


New Delhi: In the war of 1971, Pakistani fighter jets attacked their second attack on Agra. In this attack, the Pak Air Force had conspired to destroy the Taj Mahal with the Indian airbase. Under this conspiracy, the Pakistan Air Force started bombing on Agra at night of 3-4 December. In this bombing, Pakistani Air Force dropped 16 bombs worth 500 pounds in Agra. In this, 3 bombs fell in the Air Force campus, while the rest of the bombs fell in fields adjacent to the airbase. The Pakistani Air Force could succeed in its plans, before this the Indian Air Force destroyed the Pakistan’s B-57 aircraft.

Minor damage to runway in Pak attack

According to a senior army officer, three bombs exploded in the airport premises. Because of this, the runway of Agra Airbase has suffered minor damage. At the same time, some bombs exploded in adjacent fields. At the same time, some bombs were recovered alive from adjacent areas. The Pakistani Air Force had a conspiracy to completely destroy Agra Airbase, so that the Indian Army could not get the help of Air Force from Agra. However, in front of the Indian Air Force’s willful desire, all the plans of Pakistan became failed. The Indian Air Force had reconstructed the runway overnight.

The Taj Mahal covered with black cloth and tree leaves

Black out was declared in the country due to the air strikes of Pak Air Force. Despite its marble-built Taj Mahal still glowing at night. In such a situation, it was hazardous that the Pak Air Force fighter aircraft can made the Taj Mahal a target. So, for the safety of the Taj Mahal, drill was started quickly.

Tajamahaj’s main dome and four towers were covered with black cloth. Apart from this, black clothes were tied down with bamboos all around the main dome. The dome and the floor was covered with leaves and grass, which prevented the enemy from seeing any part of the Taj Mahal.