The Unconventional Love Story of French President Macron and Brigitte

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French President Emmanuel Macron has odd and unconventional love story. His wife Briggitte is 24 years older than him. Just like Donald Trump. Trump is 24 years older than his spouse Melania Trump.

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When they met:
Emanuel and Briggitte met when he was 15 years old. She was his school teacher. When they met at that private Jesuit school in Amiens, she was his drama teacher and a married mother of three. Her daughter was Emmanuel’ s class mate. Their love story began 24 years ago when Macron played a character in a play at his school directed by Brigitte Trogneux. Teen age Macron quickly fell for her.

When Macron’s father warned Briggitte:
The two grew close, and when his parents found out, they sent him to finish school in Paris with the hope that he would forget about Brigitte. At 17
Macron said to her, “whatever you do, I will marry you.” His father warned Briggitte to stay away from him till he turned 18. Briggitte Replied,” I cannot promise you anything.

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Finally Macron married her:
They finally married in 2007. At that time He was 29 and she was 54.

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During a political event Macron summed it up: “We don’t have a classic family, that’s an undeniable reality. There is no less love in our family.” Game, set, and match Mr. President.
Of course if Emmanuel Macron were 64 and his wife 39, no one would even begin to question the legitimacy of their marriage, whether they met at school or not. The difference in age between Donald and Melania Trump is almost exactly the same. Successful older men with young trophy wives are as common as dirt. But when the May/December gender roles are reversed, there is a cultural disconnect.

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How she helped Macron to win Presidential Election:
As she had been a teacher of drama and language and literature helped Brigitte train her husband to be campaign-ready and up to the task.

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In 2015, when Emmanuel Macron was the Finance Minister of France, Brigitte quit her job to stay with Macron in Paris.
When Macron started his campaign for presidential election promising that he would neither follow the left or the right side of political ideology, Brigitte taught him on how to improve his speeches.
Macron called his political party, En Marche, a movement and not an outfit. Before Macron went out to deliver a speech, he would practice it in front of Brigitte. She would do all the corrections in diction, in pitch variation, voice modulation and choice of words.
The result was so powerful that the French electorate just went with the flow in an election which had given a huge boost to the far-rightist National Party and its candidate Marine Le Pen as for the first time since 1958, the incumbent President stayed away from the electoral fray.

As a first lady of France, Briggitte has not played a very active role in working of her husband but Macron during his compaign had once said that he would give Brigitte an official role.

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