There were only 30% to survive for me: sonali bendre

During an interview, Sonali told that when she reached New York for treatment, the doctor told her that only 30 per cent of her survival.

Sonali Bendre has recently emerged from a deadly disease like cancer. During her treatment in New York her husband Goldie Behl and son gave her a lot of support. During an interview, she told that when she arrived in New York for treatment, the doctor told her that only 30 per cent of her survival. Sonali also told in the interview that she did not want to go to America for treatment.


Sonali Bendre said, “I did not want to go to New York for treatment. My husband wanted us to go to New York I fought with him in the flight. I told him, why are you doing this? There are also good doctors here. Why are you taking me there? After this, we left the house and packed our luggage after leaving the family. At that time, I could not understand what was happening. ”

she said – “We reached New York and went to the doctor on the second day. The doctor who saw the test report we sent to the doctor went through it and said, “this is the fourth stage of cancer and your expectation to survive is only 30 percent”. I was shocked to hear this. During this time, I turned to Goldie and said – “thank God! that you brought me here”.


Sonali started to take herself as the cause of cancer. She started thinking that she did something wrong due to which she had such a disease. Sonali said, “Everyone used to talk to me that your life style has never been such. How did this happen to you? During that time, I actually started thinking that I have done something wrong in life, so this is happening with me. I went to a psychiatrist in New York I was not able to understand anything what was happening to me at that time. I have never been negative. I have always been positive thinking. I went to the psychiatrist to find out the answers to these questions. ”

But then she fought against the dreadful disease and survived on. she became a inspiration to all the sufferers out there.