Uttar Pradesh farmer gets bitten by snake; chews its head in ‘vendetta’


In a bid to take revenge, a farmer who got bitten by a snake in return bit off its head and chewed it before throwing it out in Hardoi of Uttar Pradesh on Saturday. The man named, Sonelal, has claimed that he was bitten by the reptile while he was grazing his cattle. He got so angry with the snake that he took his head in his mouth and chewed it before spitting it out. Following the incident, the man fell unconscious and was rushed to Moghaganj community health centre (CHC) in an ambulance.
Pharmacist Hitesh Kumar who is treating the man said that Sonelal’s neighbours had said that he was bitten by a snake, but they could not find any bite marks on his body. The doctors have said that the man fainted because he had consumed snake’s part which could have been venomous and not because of snake bite. Secretary of state mental health society, Dr SC Tewari has said that the man’s reaction was abnormal. The locals have alleged that Sonelal was a drug addict. “This isn’t normal human reaction. Someone has to be extremely aggressive or deranged to behave in this way,” he told media
Doctors further added that Hitesh was alone at the time of the incident and is being kept under observation. The news of the incident has spread in the area like wildfire and has left people amazed.


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