Varanasi mishap : Constructing flyover by breaking the temple caused Incident : Raj Babbar

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Varanasi: UP Congress chief Raj Babbar, who came to inspect situation of Varanasi accident, said that the Congress was very unhappy with the accident. Babbar reached the hospital to meet the victims. Talking to the media, he said, “I have come to know that construction work was being completed by breaking a temple to complete the flyover work before the election. People believe that this accident has happened because of the temple break. ‘While targeting PM Modi, Raj Babbar and Sanjay Singh said that due to negligence in PM Modi’s parliamentary constituency there is such a big accident, on the other hand, they are celebrating. Congress leaders said that the responsibility of the ministers in the accident is equal to the officials, so strict action should be taken against both of them.

Babbar said that action has been taken against the officials. Cabinet ministers should also be suspended. Raj Babbar has demanded 50-50 lakh compensation for the relatives of the dead, instead of 5-5 lakh compensation. He alleged that these tasks were to be completed before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Because of the shortage of time the officials were working under pressure, due to which the security standards were ignored. This incident happened due to the ignorance of safety standards. Congress leaders said that wherever the construction work is going on in the state, there should be stop the work and ensure safety.

On Tuesday evening, at around 5.45 pm, a part of the flyover collapse near the Cantt railway station in Varanasi. In this accident, 15 people were killed while 25 people were injured. The condition of many injured people remains serious. On behalf of CM, it has been announced to give 5-5 lakh compensation to the relatives of the deceased. To investigate the matter, the CM Yogi has constituted a high-level inquiry committee which will submit the inquiry report within 48 hours. In the inquiry committee headed by APC, the chief engineer, the head of the Department of Irrigation Department and the MD of Water Corporation has been kept.

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