WB Exit Poll: With the strong knock of BJP, ‘Didi Raj’ seems to be end

Kolkata: During the Lok Sabha election 2019, if one state remains at the centre of most discussion then it is West Bengal. After the elections are over, the exit poll figures are pointing towards the strong knock of BJP in West Bengal. It seems to be end of Didi’s (Mamata Banerjee) rule in West Bengal.

The pictures of violence in Mamata’s stronghold West Bengal, which turned to war land instead of election, took headlines all over the counter in every phase of election.

BJP appeared to be the hardest working in this election in West Bengal. Now the ruling party BJP at the centre is getting the result of its struggle.

The final results will come on May 23, but the figures of exit polls are showing that the Mamata’s Fort is being demolished.

West Bengal’s Exit Poll

According to Exit Poll, BJP can win 19 to 23 seats in West Bengal’s 42 Lok Sabha seats. In the state, the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) may have to be content with only 19 to 22 seats.

The Congress is expected to get only one seat in Bengal. At the same time, the CPM and CPI which is ruling in the state for nearly 34 years, seems to get just one seat.

According to the data, Trinamool Congress and BJP’s vote share could be 41-41 per cent, while the UPA is estimated to get 7 per cent of the vote share. CPM-CPI and others are expected to get 5-6 per cent of the vote share.

The special thing is that in almost every exit poll of the country, BJP seems to be growing in comparison to the TMC in West Bengal, whereas in the last elections, it had to be content with just two seats in West Bengal and spite of Modi wave TMC won 33 seats.

Why Mamata’s fort collapsed?

In West Bengal, Mamata had overthrown the 34 years old CPM government in 2011 and took possession of 184 seats out of 294 in the Assembly elections and became the Chief Minister of the state for the first time.

In West Bengal the Congress has remained marginal for many decades. In such a situation, the BJP, finding its land in a big state like Bengal, felt that it could be the alternative of TMC. Just as the TMC emerged as an alternative to ousting the CPM from power, the BJP also started to keep itself as an alternative among the people to strengthen its roots in the state.

By making Hindu base, living in large numbers in West Bengal, the BJP accused Mamata Banerjee of favouring Muslims. Whether Durga Pooja or Saraswati Pooja The BJP raised the issue about the controversy over the statue’s immersion and the exemption to Muharram, and alleged that Mamta Banerjee was working only for a particular community.

Why people trust BJP in Bengal

BJP challenges Mamata’s decision over Ramnavmi Shobha Yatra and Dugra’s statute immersion in High Court which gave a strong shock to Mamata Banerjee’s image.

The BJP started succeeding in ensuring majority of Hindus there in the belief that TMC is treating them with discrimination.

The ruling TMC workers were not able to tolerate the opposition of the BJP and the violence began between the two parties. The BJP leaders and workers started to be assassinated, PM Modi and Amit Shah accused Mamata that BJP would be as strong in the state as they would do violence against BJP workers.

It was the same formula that TMC had adopted to uproot the CPM. At the time TMC was struggling against CPM, there was considerable violence between TMC and CPM in which both party workers were killed.

BJP’s attack against Mamata Banerjee on illegal intruders

Mamata Banerjee’s stance on illegal citizens (Muslims) coming from Bangladesh in West Bengal and Kolkata has always been soft, while the BJP promised to people struggling with unemployment and poverty in Bengal that if they came to power NRC will applicable in Bengal. All illegal intruders will be out of the country.

Mamata Banerjee strongly opposed the NRC in Bengal and said that, she will never allow NRC to be implemented in the state. The BJP accused Mamata Banerjee’s stand that she wants to set up illegal Bangladeshi people in Kolkata and Bengal who will be prove danger for the state and the country. The BJP benefited from this.

Now what is the path for Mamata?

If these figures of exit polls are transformed into result, Narendra Modi will be stronger in the centre and Mamata Banerjee’s goodwill will fall in the state and her Modi’s opposition will be weakened. Mamata Banerjee’s TMC will face a tough fight from the BJP in the state assembly elections in 2021.

If the election results go in favour of the BJP then the struggle will definitely increase in both the parties and the incidents of political violence in the state can be increased. Second, it may be that in order to maintain its existence in future politics, Mamata Banerjee will surrender in front of BJP and become a part of the NDA once again like the Vajpayee government.

There may also be a path to Mamata Banerjee that she combines with the Congress in the days to come, in West Bengal, strengthening its stand against the BJP in West Bengal and coming out in opposition with full force and the CPM The party also indirectly accompany them.