Why #GoBackModi trends when Prime Minister visits Tamil Nadu?

New Delhi: For the past nearly a year, whenever Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Tamil Nadu, almost every time Hashtag like “GoBackModi” started trending in the social media. The questions are being asked – Is Narendra Modi not liked in Tamil Nadu and if not then why?

Some analysts even claim that as much as the unpopular Narendra Modi is in Tamil Nadu, hardly else will be in any other state.

According to local journalists, these hashtags appear first in April 2012. Narendra Modi came to inaugurate the Defence Expo in the state and opposition parties waved black flags against the alleged delay of the central government in the Cauvery Water Management Authority.

The delay was seen in connection with Karnataka elections. After that Narendra Modi has visited Tamil Nadu several times and almost every time such trends have appeared on social media.

In Tamil Nadu, the BJP is not strong enough, but party supporters in the response run Hashtags like ‘Tamil Nadu Welcomes Modi’. The Digital Forensic Lab of the American Think-tank Atlantic Council found that bots or fake accounts were also behind both parties’ hashtags being trended.

Why opposes Modi

Chennai’s Sonia Arun Kumar is the head of the trending trend of ‘GoBackModi’. On Sonia Arun Kumar’s Twitter page, there is a picture of LTTE chief Prabhakaran, the Sri Lankan extremist group. She “love” him.

Sonia says, “We see them (Narendra Modi) like a prime minister who goes abroad, who is not concerned with the real problems of the country, who are not with the poor and who work for Hindutva groups.”

Sonia tweets issues such as ban on beef, Rafale and Demonetisation.

Those who have made such hashtags, there are DMK workers, social activists and other people as well. She said, “Our aim is to draw people’s attention and the attention of the international media and to bring the truth to the issues of the people.”

Causes of heartburn

There are many reasons for resentment with Narendra Modi in Tamil Nadu. When the farmers of Tamil Nadu were protesting in Delhi then why did they not meet them, they want to impose the North Indianism and the idea of ​​Hindi, Hindu, Hindustan on Tamil Nadu. They did not take cognizance of the people affected by Gaza storm, his government wants to impose the neutrinos project on Tamil Nadu at a cost of several hundred crore.

According to scientists, the purpose of this neutrinos project is to pursue research in particle physics, but in some places, people fear that it can harm the biodiversity of the terrain and harm the common people.

According to Bharatiya Janata Party spokesman Narayanan Tirupati, such allegations are coming out because the corrupt people of Tamil Nadu have been suffered by the demonetisation. He asks that when the government was responsible for the debt waiver of the farmers, then why did they need to go to Delhi?

Tirupati alleges that the opposition wants to destabilize the Tamil Nadu government and “I proudly say that I am a Tamil and an Indian too.

Issue of NEET exam

Another major reason for heartburn is the implementation of NEET examination for medical colleges, i.e. National Eligible cum Entrance Test. In 2017, Anita’s suicide in a village in Arielur in Tamil Nadu made NEET a big issue.

The 18-year-old Anita’s dream was to become a doctor and help the poor in a government hospital. Local people said that there is not even a doctor in this village having a population of six to seven thousand. Despite bringing the best number in the 12th class, the daughter of a poor Dalit farmer, Anita could not clear the NEET examination and committed suicide.

In Tamil Nadu, admission was done in the medical college based on the number 12th class but now after 12th, the NEET examination has to be cleared.

Anita’s father Shanmugam says, “If there was a Congress government in the centre, then NEET would not implement in Tamil Nadu. Narendra Modi and AIADMK implemented it here. We had opposed it but Narendra Modi brought it here.”

Author and Doctor Mariano Anton Bruno Macarenas says that clearing NEET without coaching is not easy and much costly about two lakhs. Apart from that, the expenses of living, travel and food are separate.

A library has been set up in memory of Anita. Apart from the books of Babasaheb Ambedkar, Marx, Mani Shankar Aiyar, books related to competition examinations are kept.

People says that after Anita’s suicide, a message was received among the people that the Narendra Modi government is against Tamil Nadu and they are not concerned about the interests of common people of the state.

There are ongoing protests in many areas of the state. Opposition Congress and DMK leaders have said that if they voted to power, they will eliminate NEET exam.

According to NEET supporters, it is not right to make NEET responsible for the death of Anita, and this is a system like the UPSC, Joint Entrance Examination, which gives equal opportunity to all, and why Tamil Nadu is different from rest of India.

On the other hand, Macarenas argues that Tamil Nadu has the highest MBBS and super specialty seats and opening it to the students of the whole country affected Tamil Nadu’s students.

He says, “If you are a student of Uttar Pradesh and want to become a doctor, then choose such a government which will make many medical colleges for you at there.”

According to BJP’s Narayanan Tirupati, politics is being done with the feelings of the people. He said, “Congress had come with NEET examination and the Supreme Court ordered to implement. On the request of former chief minister Jayalalithaa, it was BJP government who gave a one-year remission (in the implementation of NEET). When the wanted to give the rebate again then the Supreme Court refused, and there is a problem, they are promising a lot of things, but this will not happen. These are false promises. “

According to Doctor Macarenas, the Supreme Court’s decision was interim and the matter still continues. The battle of social media in the seven phases of this election festival will be even faster.