Why Maratha community agitation in Maharashtra

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Mumbai : After two years of silence, Maratha community once again landed on the streets in Maharashtra. During this time, with the demand for reservations for the Maratha community in Maharashtra, this community had taken mute march across the state. But this time Maharashtra burning with aggravating movement. Violence is happening everywhere. It is notable that the Maratha community share 33% of the population of Maharashtra.

The second aspect of the picture is that on July 20, the Devendra Fadnavis government declared 16 percent reservation to the Maratha community in government jobs. The government had hoped that the Maratha community demanding reservation for a long time would be happy with this announcement but it was reversed. Maratha agitators became annoyed with this announcement and announced that if Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis visits Pandharpur to worship at Ashadhi Ekadashi, we will protest against them. As a result the chief minister had to suspend the plan to go there. Protesters now planning to gherao of the chief minister’s official residence.

Why dong violent demonstration?

The question arises in such a situation that when Maratha agitators demand for reservation has been accepted, why are there such violent demonstrations despite this? Although there are many organizations of the Maratha community, the Maratha Kranti Morcha is leading this movement. All organizations of Maratha community under the banner of this organization are protesting.

Demanding for Other backward class (OBC) status

In fact, agitating Maratha leaders say that they want the status of other backward classes (OBCs) for their community, not reservation. They argue that according to the legal provisions, it is difficult to implement it in the event of having more than 50 percent reservation. Such announcements in other states could not stay in the court. Instead, if the Maratha community gets OBC status then naturally it will come under the purview of reservation given to the backward classes. In this regard, these leaders also say that by calling a special session of the state assembly, the Maharashtra government can take a final decision regarding the Marathas inclusion in the backward classes.

Although the government has said that the Backward Classes Commission is already considering this proposal and is working in that direction. But the agitators do not trust the government’s plans. They say that the commission is working very slowly, so the government should not wait for its final report to come.

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