Women are happier in the office more than home : Study

New Delhi: Most of us consider office to be responsible for our stressful lives. This is the reason why some people are eager to go home from office as soon as possible. But this has proved wrong in a report by Penn State University.

According to the study, women have less stress in office compared to their home. Actually, during the study the researchers examined the levels of the Cortisol hormone (stress hormone) in 122 people continuously for one week. Along with this, different times of the day asked about their mood. The results showed that women have less stress in office compared to their home.

Researchers said that women are happier in the office. While men are more happy in their home. People included in this study from different backgrounds.

According to the researchers, the main reason for this is that when women are not satisfied with their job, they change their jobs and work where they feel good. But men do not this. Despite not being satisfied with their job they continue to work in the same company, due to which they cannot be happy in the office.

It also showed in the study that working mothers have less stress than women who do not have children. Actually, the researchers believe that women whose children have a good mood and they are less stressed.

However, the results of this study are not proven in every situation, because this study has been done on very few people. Also, in this study, there is no talk of bachelors. This study is done only on married people.