World Health Day 2019: How Alia lost weight by fasting for 16 hours!

Be it a vrath for a deity, Ramadan, or Lent, fasting in India collides with a religious purpose. However, it does serve health benefits which include a good detox and peace of mind. The concept of intermittent fasting came to light when Alia Bhatt lost weight for her debut film. The actress has revealed on multiple occasions that her pet name is Aloo (potato) because she used to be a chubby kid.

What is Intermittent Fasting?

According to experts, it is an eating pattern that sees an individual consume food – usually, whatever they please, within reason – for 8 hours a day, and fast for the remaining 16 hours!

Celebrity nutritionists Dr Siddhant Bhargava shed light on what this mode of losing weight really meant. He told Mid-Day that the actress took this method in a much disciplined manner. He said, “Alia has primarily turned vegetarian and IF helps her cut calories. Unlike those who consume what they like on the diet, she is watchful about her meals even in the eating [phase]. In fact, she is so dedicated that I have to remind her to take a cheat meal every two weeks.”

Not just Alia, but celebs like Jacqueline Fernandez said and Vir Das have also taken up IF to lose those extra kilos.

Here’s how you can prepare yourself for Intermittent Fasting

The myth that you can eat anything before a fast is absolutely wrong. Eating junk or sugary foods is against the principles of fasting. Eating simple foods such as home-cooked meals, fruits and vegetables aided with lots of water will help you reap the best of benefits from the fast.

Breaking your fast

Breaking a fast is similar to waking someone from their sleep. It requires a simple nudge and not a ringing alarm. You can start by having simple foods such as yogurt, fruits, khichadi that will help you calm from the urge of hogging. It is essential that you do light tasks during the fast, perhaps even meditate to help you get rid of toxins.



Disclaimer: Your body is unique and requires special and personalised care. Do visit a nutritionist who can provide a better diet plan that suits your requirements. This article is only meant for a good read and is in no way promoting the persons or the topic mentioned in it.