World Population Day : Population will be 9 billion in the next 30 years!

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New Delhi: Today is World Population Day and this day is celebrated all over the world to raise awareness of population. The reason for celebrating this day is the growing population in the world, which is now 7.63 billion. The theme of this time has also been organized in family planning and today 50 years have passed since the celebration of world population day.

Why population day is celebrated

Let’s tell that almost 50 years ago, the world’s population had become 500 crore. After which this day was declared World Population Day to increase awareness about population. It is being told that the effect of this day is very strong and the population growth rate has decreased from 1.79 per cent to 1.09 per cent.

100 crore population in 2 lakh years

In 1804, the world’s population was 100 crore and now it has increased to 7.63 billion. According to America’s Natural History, it took 2 lakh years to become a population of 100 crore in the world. However, now its rate has increased significantly.

Doubled in 100 years

Before 1804 the population was gradually increasing, but now it is increasing rapidly. It took two hundred thousand years to become the first hundred crore, but it doubled in the next 100 years. After that, in the last 91 years, the population has become 7.63 billion ie. four times.

Growth rate is now decreasing

Even though the population of the world has increased in so much but now its rate has decreased. It took only 91 years to become the first four times, but now 200 years later this population will double. It is estimated that in 30 years the population will be 9 billion.

How People rapidly grow on Earth

According to the figures, the population was 100 crore in 1804, then 200 crore in 1927, 300 crore in 1960, 400 crore in 1974, 500 crore in 1989, 600 crore in 1999 and 700 crore in 2011. According to this growth rate, the world’s population can reach 900 crore by 2048.

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