You saw Political power of the Dalits, now know the economic status

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New Delhi: The movement of dalits started in protest against the Supreme Court’s decision on the SC-ST Act is on the boom. In the violence due to the movement, so far 1 dozen people have died and the economy has lost thousands of crores. Due to the Dalit movement in many states of the country, especially in North India, the common life has been affected. This has once again become clear that Dalit is now a political power in the country. At the national level even though there should be no recognized party of Dalits, but in every state, Dalit leaders keep their special interests.

Are there any economic power in Dalit country?

A common belief is that without economic power the political power does not come. So assume that Dalits are now being financially empowered? However, at first sight you may not see the picture clearly. There is hardly a dalit in the country who is running a big corporate house like Tata or Ambani. In this regard, we talk to Chandrabhan Prasad, who played a key role in establishing the Dalit Chamber of Commerce, working on the economic and social work of the Dalits and the Dalit Chamber of Commerce. According to Chandrabhan, it is true that you do not see a dalit on the large canvas of business and corporate, but this is half-truth. Dalits at the small level are now able to draw a deep streak.

Rapid changes in trends

According to the report of the COTO, when the completion of 25 years of liberalization, now the difference in the approach of dalits in the business has come to the notice. Two decades ago, only 6 per cent of the dalits were running their business, now the number has increased to 37 per cent. The number of dalits working in the agriculture field has decreased from 46 to 20.5 percent. It shows their economic power.

Raising of dalits consumption

According to the report, if you want to check the economic power of the dalits, then understand the pattern of their consumption. There has been a difference in the level of life of the dalits in the last two decades. According to a survey in UP, during the last two decades, the dalits did not have a TV, while 45 per cent households had a TV. Now nearly 36 percent of Dalit use mobile phones. The number of dalits using motorcycles has reached 12.3 percent. Two decades ago, about 95.9 percent of Dalits used to eat stale food, but now it decreased level of 16.2 percent.

Dalit Chamber of Commerce

Over the last 2 decades, the participation of Dalits has increased in the business world too. Thousands of Dalit traders have formed the Dalit Chamber of Commerce together. Its head office is in Pune. According to Chandrabhan, due to capitalism, there has been a fall of feudalism and racism somewhere. The open market open competition has given the Dalits an opportunity to show their talents too.

About 100 hospitals run by Dalits in western UP

Chandrabhan claims that if only talk of Western UP, then there are about 100 such hospitals which now runs by Dalits. All this has been possible during the last two decades. There are dozens of businessmen in Delhi NCR who are supplying auto parts for companies like Hero, Honda, Yamaha and Bajaj.

Social structure also changed

According to the survey, about two decades ago, 77.3% of the dalits were set apart during marriages, but now this figure has reached 8.9%. At the same time, food habits of upper cast people in dalit’s houses reached 77.3 per cent, it was only 8.9 per cent earlier. Two decades ago, only 33 per cent of Dalits used the car in marriage, now that number has reached 100 per cent.

Liberalization changed status

As the economic condition of the country is improved, Dalits have also been economically empowered. Like most upper castes, Dalits also now ride on bikes. Sleep in the AC, using fridge and TV.

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