Zero number in NEET, still got admission in MBBS!

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New Delhi: In order to do MBBS, it is necessary to pass National Entrance Eligibility Test i.e. NEET and on the basis of its rank candidates get admission. But the reality is that people are getting admission in one or two numbers or zero marks and they are also studying MBBS. Yes, according to a recent report, in the year 2017, a large number of such students have also got admission in MBBS course, whose NEET has zero or single digit number in one or two or both subjects.

According to a report, at least 400 students got admission in physics and chemistry in single digit and 110 students got Zero number. Yet all these students got admission in MBBS course and they are also studying. It is being told that these candidates got admission in private colleges.

After this report comes to the fore, questions are being raised that what is the importance of this test remains. In fact, the paper analyzed the marks of 1,990 students who were get admission in 2017 and their marks were less than 150. There were 530 students were found who got zero or single digit in physics, chemistry or both.

What is the law?

Let us tell you that in order to get admission through this entrance exam earlier, candidates were required to get 50 marks in each subject but now the admission is given on the basis of total percentile. Since then the candidates are getting admission easily. It is being told that at the same time the candidates get admission on the basis of money.

Admission without passing test

Admission in MBBS College has become easy now, earlier where the candidates had to get 50 per cent marks for admission, while the candidates can now get admission by having 20 per cent marks. For the last two years, candidates who have got 5 percent in Physics in National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET), less than 10 percent in Chemistry and 20 percent in Biology are also getting admission in Medical College.

What is percentile?

Let you know that the percentile is different from the percentage and it is based on the ratio but not the numbers. 50 percentile does not mean that you have got 50 percent marks, because it is decided on the basis of the ratio. Here, 50 percentile means less than half the children who get the lowest score from below, the other candidates. Let you know that the percentile is fixed on the basis of marks and ranks and is fixed on the basis of the marks on the basis. In order to know your percentage, the candidate has to give a part of the topper number in his number and multiply it by 100. The result which will come will be your percentile.

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