Zicha virus spread in Rajasthan, 22 people infected, threat in Bihar-Delhi…

Rajasthan: After confirming that 22 patients are infected with Jika Virus in Jaipur, the state has been sleeping from the state to the central government. Regarding this, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has sought a report from the Health Ministry on the spread of this virus.

According to media reports, in Rajasthan, one person from Bihar who has been infected with Zika virus is also from Bihar. It is being told that he has returned from Siwan just a few days ago.

In such a situation, the Bihar Government is afraid that the Zika Virus. Even in the state, the feet are not spreading. Right now, the Bihar government has instructed all 38 districts to keep an eye out.

A senior Health Ministry official said that the PMO has sought a report on the Zika virus in Jaipur. A control room has been prepared in the National Disease Control Center (NCDC).

The Health Ministry says that 22 cases of Jika Virus have been confirmed in Rajasthan, all have come from the scheduled area of Jaipur and samples of mosquito are being examined here.

The official said that specially pregnant women are being monitored. Because they have the highest fear of spreading the virus.

It is known that Zika virus has so far been found in 86 countries around the world. It was found in Ahmedabad in India for the first time in January and February 2017. This was followed by confirmation in Tamil Nadu. However, at that time it was overcome.

There is also danger of spreading Zika Virus in Delhi. Doctors say that there is more to worry about Delhi, because the virus is a favorable way of spreading in Delhi.