Amit Shah Dubs Naveen Patnaik Govt As Corrupt, Seeks Votes For BJP For Prosperous Odisha

Keonjhar: BJP President Amit Shah on Friday hit out at Naveen Patnaik government in the State by dubbing it as a corrupt one.

Addressing a poll rally at Keonjhar today, Shah alleged Naveen’s government has perpetrated mining scam. Shar commission in his report on 2014 has found all pervasive corruption in mining activities in Odisha. Under his government’s patronage, the chit fund scam surfaced with the loot of thousands of crores of money of poor people.

Naveen’s babus (bureaucrats) are corrupt. But Naveen does not take action. Once BJP govt comes to power, chit fund scamsters will be sent to jail and all corrupt people be taken to task, he iterated.

Odisha can provide bread and butter to the entire country as it is enriched with immense resources. But Odia people are poor because everywhere corruption has taken deep root, he charged predicting the fall of Naveen Patnaik government in the State.

I have travelled across the country I am heainng one slogan- Modi-Modi._modi. People are ready to elect Modi again as PM. We have to elect Modi & overthrow Naveen Patnaik.

Congress and BJD could not wipe out poverty. There is all round development across all the states by the good works of Narendra Modi government at the centre.

The centre has granted Rs 16,000 crore towards district mineral funds in Odisha. But Naveen babu has not given nothing, he said announcing the setting up of a steel plant will come up in Keonjhar if BJP comes to power in Odisha.

Naveen Patnaik-led BJD government has been ruling the State since 19 years. Still there is- no drinking water, no teachers in schools, no doctors in hospitals- and Odia youths are unemployed. Odia youths are migrating to other states, there is no employment here (Odisha). I am from Gujarat. I have seen thousands of Odia to Gujarat for employment. BJP government if formed in Odisha, no Odia will have to go to other states for livelihood, he said while seeking votes for lotus symbol in the upcoming elections.