Arrest warrant stated against CM Naidu in the state….

New Delhi: A Maharashtra court has issued arrest warrant against Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu and 15 others in connection with a 2010 protests. Dharmabad’s magistrate N.R. Gajbhia in Nanded district directed the police to arrest all the accused and present them to the court till September 21.

Significantly, in the undivided state Andhra Pradesh, Naidu and others were arrested for protesting near the Babli project in Maharashtra and they were put in jail in Pune. They protested that due to this project people affected in the lower parts will be affected. Later he was released but he did not ask for bail.

Different streams of Bhadnas have been imposed in them, including obstructing the work of the masses, using criminal force, intentionally harming the weapon or in any other way, risking the lives of others.