BJP Minister: Not fed up of fuel prices,because i am minister….

New Delhi: Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment Ramdas Athawale said that he is not averse to the rising prices of petrol and diesel as he is a minister. When Athwale came here to participate in a review meeting, when the contractors asked about the problems faced by common man due to the rising prices of petrol and diesel, they said in lightly manner, “I am not bothered by the rising prices of petrol and diesel I am Since I am minister … if my minister will come, then I will get bothered. But the public is upset. It is understandable and the government has the obligation to reduce the prices. “

The BJP came out on both sides of the house due to the increased prices of petrol and diesel.

Ramdas Athawale also said that the central government is trying to restrain the rising prices of petrol and diesel but states should also try it. He said here on a question of reporters that if petrol is to reduce the prices of diesel then the states should also try for it as the state government also has taxes, the center also has tax. Reducing them, prices of petrol and diesel could be reduced. Prior to this, Athawale held a review meeting with the officials of the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment and the Directorate of Special Courses.

BJP’s Rahul Gandhi, on the rising prices of oil, said, ‘Find out the price of petrol in Nanihal.

At the same time, BJP President Amit Shah blamed international developments for the rising prices of petrol and diesel and rupee depreciation against the dollar. “The rising prices of petrol and diesel and falling prices of rupees against the dollar is a matter of concern,” Shah told reporters on Saturday. “It is due to some developments in the global scenario. Issues between trade war between US and China and US and oil producing countries These are happening due to these global reasons. “Shah said,” We are also worried about it.

The solution is also being searched. In a short time, the government will take action on these issues, “he said. But the impact on the rupee against the currencies of other countries is” very low “.