BJP’s ally JDU not agreeing on triple talaq bill

New Delhi: JD (U), a coalition partner of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), has opposed the new triple talaq bill. JDU leader K.C. Tyagi said, the format of the existing law on this bill is not approved and they will oppose the bill.

Tyagi said, “We had told our opinion law commission. Govt should be discuss with all parties on this bill. Tyagi said that we had earlier opposed triple talaq bill in Parliament and still do not agree with this bill. JDU will not support the NDA government in the Rajya Sabha on the issue of triple talaq.

The JDU leader said that triple talaq is a social issue. This should be resolved by society at the social level. JDU voted against the bill in the Rajya Sabha. Explain that the government will bring a bill in Parliament against triple talaq. Through which triple talaq will be a punishable offense. Under this, there will be three years’ jail and fine. The Union Cabinet recently approved the Muslim Women (Protection of Marriage Rights Protection) Bill, 2019. It will be presented in the coming session of the Parliament.

Significantly, Nitish Kumar has also publicly opposed triple talaq bills. Nitish Kumar had said that the matter for the removal of Article 370, the implementation of the same civil code and the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya can be resolved either through mutual negotiation or through the order of the court.