Boeing crash : Know why the world is afraid of Boeing 737 Max planes

Last Sunday an Ethiopian Airlines plane Boeing 737 Max 8 crashed. All the people aboard the plane died in the accident. The reasons for the plane crash are being investigated. But there are questions about the safety of Max 8 aircraft. After this, the Indian government has taken a tough step to ban the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft. Let’s know that in which countries there is a ban on this plane and what its features are.

Which companies use in India?

Spice Jet and Jet Airways are using Boeing’s 737 Max model in India. Spice Jet has around 12 such aircraft, while Jet Airways has five such aircraft.

Models of Boeing 737 Max

There are four models of Boeing 737 Max – 737 Max 7, 737 Max 8, 737 Max 9 and 737 Max 10.

The 737 Max 7 model has the ability to sit for 172 people. It has a low capacity to accommodate passengers but it can travel up to 7,130 km at a time.

In 737 Max 8, 210 passengers can sit and it can travel 6,570 kilometres.

737 Max 9 has 220 seats and has a capacity to travel of 6,570 kilometres.

737 Max 10 has 230 seats and can travel up to 6,110 km.

What is the speciality?

The new technology has been used for designing wings of 737 Max. It costs less fuel. It is also convenient for the passengers. They do not feel much shock during the trip.

Boeing has provided enough facilities for pilots in this aircraft. Boeing’s new display technology has been used. A large 15-inch screen has been installed, which gives pilots more information in lesser work.

It has a large and special engine. This engine is environmentally friendly i.e., with less noise, it emits less harmful gases.

What is the problem with it?

Talk about the problem in Boeing, there is a problem with its engine, software and lack of training between the pilots. Due to difficulties in its engine, many times the speed of the vessel decreases by itself and the plane stops. In order to deal with this problem, Boeing has installed a software named MCAS in it. But this software also has problems and sometimes wrong directions.

The handful of pilots, across the world, have been trained on the simulator of the B737 Max. There are a large number of pilots who have not been trained.