Community should support daily wage earners to help them

Coimbatore,At a time when the coronavirus outbreak has impacted economies, Isha Foundation Founder Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev has brought the focus back to one of the most important, yet ignored sections- the daily wage earners.

Taking to twitter to appeal to communities to support daily wage earners to tide over the crisis, he said lack of employment will lead to starvation for those who depend on daily earnings to support themselves and their families.

He appealed to the communities to provide “at least daily nourishment” to such people, as hunger and starvation has the potential to cause a civil unrest.

“Of the many concerns of coronavirus, livelihood deprivation of daily wage earners is a serious one. Starvation can ignite civil unrest and deaths.

Providing at least daily nourishment to them is the responsibility of the community. Let’s stand together and beat the virus,” he said.