Congress will demolish PM Modi ‘hollow structure’ in next few days: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: In a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress president Rahul Gandhi said his party has ‘demolished’ the Prime Minister and the ‘hollow structure will come crumbling down’ in the next few days. Addressing a media briefing, Gandhi scion said: “Five years ago, it was said that Modi ji cannot be defeated and it will rule for 10-15 years, that he is invincible. The Congress party has demolished Narendra Modi ji, it is a hollow structure and in 10- 20 days, it will come crumbling down. The work that we had to do, we have done it. Congress has changed the narrative by fighting on the ground.”

He also said the Congress will not allow the Indian institutions to be controlled and crushed. “Election Commission has to commit to their responsibility and they have to carry it out. All this institutional capture that is taking place and all the negative effect of it will have consequences in future. We are not going to allow Indian institutions to be disturbed, controlled, and crushed,” said Gandhi.

While replying to a question on the BJP chief Amit Shah’s allegation that Rahul’s former business partner got defence offset contract during UPA, the Gandhi scion said he is ready for all the investigation. “Please undertake any investigation you want, do any inquiry you want, I am ready as I know I have not done anything wrong, but please also investigate Rafale”, Gandhi told reporters.

Gandhi also stated that his party will keep on using the slogan of ‘Chowkidar Chor hai’ as he hasn’t apologized for its usage but for citing the Supreme Court in reference to the slogan. “The process (Rafale case) is going on in Supreme Court and I made a comment attributed to SC so I apologized. I did not apologize to BJP or Modi ji. ‘Chowkidar Chor hai’ is a reality and it will remain our slogan,” he said.

He also promised to give 22 lakh jobs to the youth of the country and said: “Narendra Modi has badly damaged the economy of the country through demonetisation and GST. He has demonetised and NYAY scheme will remonetise the economy. We guarantee giving government jobs to 22 lakh youth in the first year.” The press briefing by Congress president Rahul Gandhi comes amid a hard-fought electoral battle.