Could a pop song change the way you look at your finances?

Ask any 30-something worth their stripes and they’ll heartily agree, no matter how many times your dad might remind you to pay your bills, file your taxes or organise your finances, you’ll always put it off until tomorrow. Or the day after, and the day after that. Until it’s time for the next reminder; or, as in so many cases, much too late.

Well, this is the story of another such reminder, except it wasn’t from my dad. It goes something like this: I was driving to work one morning, weaving through rush-hour traffic with my usual playlist for company. Today, like most other days, I was in the mood for some John Lennon classics. I hummed along to the usual hits – imagine, Instant Karma and Working Class Hero. Tapping on the steering wheel, bopping my head to each tune, I was deep in the groove. Just then I came to this busy intersection when, out of nowhere, a scrawny street kid leapt into view. I jammed the brakes hard and screeched to a halt. Time stood still. As did this kid, with a sheepish grin across his face. At that very moment, as if by some happy fluke, it happened.