Donkey ‘Pola’ celebrated in Akola district

Akola: While the festival of ‘Pola’ is dedicated to bulls in Maharashtra, people from certain communities in Akola district worship donkeys on that day. Farmers in Maharashtra worship bulls and oxen on the occasion of ‘Pola’, also called as ‘Bail Pola’, as a mark of gratitude for their year-long hard work for farming. The festival was celebrated on August 30 this year.

Similarly, people from the Bhoi and Kumbhar (potter) communities worship donkeys as a mark of gratitude and respect, said community member Vishnu Chore. “Apart from carrying load, donkeys are more useful in carrying fertilisers to farms during rainy season when roads become muddy,” he said.

He said donkeys were bathed and garlanded on the occasion, worshipped, and served sweets. Chore lamented that the tradition was dying slowly as youngsters are preferring other jobs. On Saturday, ‘Dwarka’ festival, an extension of ‘Pola’, was celebrated in Umra village in Akola district.