Dry states using liquor to bribe voters; EC has seized 4.81 lakh litres so far

New Delhi: The second phase of Lok Sabha elections has started and people are casting vote for their favourite leaders and political parties. However, political parties are even trying to lure the voters by giving them cash, liquor, drugs and expensive metals. Political parties are leaving no stone unturned to bribe the voters by distributing these freebies. However, Election Commission of India is making sure that the election process continues without manipulation and, for this, they are raiding various places in India and seizing cash, liquors, drugs and precious metals.

According to EC reports, they have confiscated around 4.81 lakh litres of liquor and crores of rupees. However, according to the report which is available on the official website of EC, dry states like Bihar Gujarat and many others are using liquor in a heavy amount to bribe and EC is trying its best to stop them.

Here are details of liquor seized from dry states:


Gujarat is one of the Indian states where alcohol is completely prohibited. The Bombay Prohibition Act (1949) is effective in the state since 1960. In an attempt to discourage the production and selling of country liquor, the government has declared penalty on such activities. However, EC has seized 3.69 lakh litres of liquor, which is worth Rs 10.7 cr.


In 2016 Nitish Kumar government-imposed ban on buying and selling of alcohol in Bihar. Even though liquor is banned, EC has seized around 0.56 lakh litres of the same in the state.


EC has confiscated 0.56 lakh litres of liquor, which is worth Rs 1.86 cr in Nagaland. The state banned the sale and consumption of alcohol in 1989. The reason behind this is that illegal sale is very high in the state.


The Mizoram Liquor Total Prohibition Act, 1995 banned sale and consumption of alcohol effective from 20 February 1997. In 2007, the MLTP Act was amended to allow wine to be made from guavas and grapes, but with restrictions on the alcohol content and the volume possessed. It is illegal to transport these products out of the state. Even after the ban, EC has seized around 0.24 cr liquor from the state.


This is the only union territory of India which has declared itself a dry state. An island called Bangaram Island is the only place on the archipelago where alcohol consumption is permitted. But EC has seized around 1 lakh litres of liquor which is worth Rs 3 cr.