‘Election Guru’ Prashant Kishore, joined in JDU,in support of Nitish kumar…

Patna: Prashant Kishore, strategic strategist who gave Nitish Kumar the chair of Bihar’s chief, along with the slogan ‘Bahar is in Bihar, Nitish Kumar is joining the JDU’ formally joined the JDU. Pratish Kishor took the party’s membership in the presence of Nitish Kumar in Patna. According to information, in the coming days, Prashant Kishore can get bigger responsibility in the party and the government in Bihar. Prashant Kishore had crossed the border after leaving Nitish Kumar’s big coalition.

According to reports, Nitish Kumar has decided to give Prashant Kishor a position of number two. Prashant will work as a bridge between the party and the government. There are also reports of contesting the election of Prashant Kishore in the coming days. Prashant Kishor is considered close to both the BJP and the Congress. So, with the news of the introduction of a political shift from JDU, he has definitely made a little bit of a surprise to everyone. Prashant Kishor tweeted about his decision.

Whatever responsibility will be given to him: Prashant Kishore
After the decision to join JDU, Prashant Kishore said that this offer was quite ahead but now the time has come when I took the decision. Whatever responsibility Nitish Kumar will hand over, I will run it, whether it is in government or in the party. I will also work with the bridge between the two.

‘Baffle’ in BJP and Congress
Regarding seat sharing with BJP, Prashant said that seats will be decided within ten days from one week to the next. It is certain that JDU will remain in the role of big brother. It is believed that after the arrival of Prashant Kishor, there is a stir between the BJP and the Congress. Prashant Kishor will speak on behalf of JDU It is believed that JDU will recognize him where good deal will be found.

PM Modi’s choice of 48%, Rahul with Rahul Gandhi at second place: Prashant Kishor Survey
Recently, the Indian Political Action Committee, the organization of Prashant Kishor, conducted a large survey on the Lok Sabha elections. Talking about the statistics, PM Modi has become the choice of 48 percent people, the second is Congress President Rahul Gandhi, who is the choice of 11 percent people. Modi has been leading more than 400% by Rahul. Out of the remaining single digits of Modi, they are in 3-4-5 per cent. The results of the survey are political but after this the BJP has got another chance to attack the Congress.

RCP Singh – no younger or older brother before meeting
Prior to the meeting, JCP’s big leader RCP Singh has raised a political upheaval by saying that there is no bigger and no younger brother in Bihar. This statement of RCP Singh becomes very important in this regard because BJP wants to fight itself on more seats in the Lok Sabha considering itself as a larger brother. While JDU is demanding more seats by giving an indication of the old relationships. There are 40 Lok Sabha seats in Bihar, BJP now has 22 MPs. It is a discussion that JDU can fight between 12 to 15 seats, in which BJP will have to give some seats to the JDU.

Who is the Pacific Teen?
Prashant Kishor is a big electoral strategist, has worked for BJP, Congress, JDU. Prashant Kishore, who has been a health expert for 8 years in the United States, is also known as PKK. Prashant Kishor has played the role only after staying behind the scenes, how big is the battleground. For the first time in the Gujarat Assembly elections in 2012, Modi made a strategy.

In 2013, Citizens for accountable governance was formed. Narendra Modi played a key role in making the PM in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Social media campaign, discussion on tea, 3D promotion, help from Unity on the run.

In 2015, came with JDU, helped Nitish Kumar in Bihar assembly elections. In 2016, Nitish Kumar made the head of the Bihar Development Mission. In the Punjab Assembly elections of 2017, the Congress played a key role in the victory Congress has helped Congress in the 2017 UP Assembly elections, but BJP won.