Foil Gameplan Of “Fascist Forces” To Occupy Space In Universities: Aishe Ghosh

Kolkata: JNUSU president Aishe Ghosh on Friday described RSS-BJP the “biggest threats to the country” and urged students to foil the gameplan of “fascist forces” to occupy space in the universities.

The concept of free discourse in a liberal environment in the higher educational institutions is being challenged by BJP, Ms Ghosh, told a SFI rally at Jadavpur University (JU) in Kolkata.

The student leader further said that the saffron forces and the ABVP had attempted to make inroads into JNU several times since 2017 but had retreated in the face of resistance by its students.

“Don’t yield to them (ABVP) an inch. If they stare at you, stare back harder. Face their challenge head on to save this country,” Ms Ghosh, whose bandaged head and bruised face had made her one of the most recognisable faces of protest against the attack at JNU, told the gathering of students at JU.

Singling out RSS-BJP as the “biggest threats of the country” in the present times, Ms Ghosh, who has been attending a series of anti-CAA protests in the city since February 13, said none should take any step that may be of help to them.

The ABVP is for the first time contesting eight central panel posts – four in arts and four in engineering faculties – for the February 19 students’ union polls in the Jadavpur University.

To questions on denial of police permission to an anti-CAA rally to be attended by her on February 12 at Durgapur and not being allowed to enter the Calcutta University campus on College Street here on February 13, she said, “The objective of both the programmes was to fight the divisive agenda of BJP and RSS. Stopping such programmrs will only help Hindutva forces.”