Google to release Chrome 76 on July 30 to stop websites from detecting users in Incognito

New Delhi: Search Engine giant Google has announced that it is going to release Chrome 76 in order to stop websites from detecting users in Incognito mode.

“At the end of July, Chrome will remedy a loophole that has allowed sites to detect people who are browsing in Incognito Mode. This will affect some publishers who have used the loophole to deter metered paywall circumvention, so we’d like to explain the background and context of the change” Barb Palser, Partner Development Manager, News and Web Partnerships wrote in the Google blog.

The development comes amidst reports that some sites use an unintended loophole to detect when people are browsing in Incognito Mode.

Google added that Chrome’s FileSystem API is disabled in Incognito Mode to avoid leaving traces of activity on someone’s device. Sites can check for the availability of the FileSystem API and, if they receive an error message, determine that a private session is occurring and give the user a different experience.

“With the release of Chrome 76 scheduled for July 30, the behavior of the FileSystem API will be modified to remedy this method of Incognito Mode detection. Chrome will likewise work to remedy any other current or future means of Incognito Mode detection,” the blog said.

The blog further said that it suggests the publishers to monitor the effect of the FileSystem API change before taking reactive measures since any impact on user behavior may be different than expected and any change in meter strategy will impact all users, not just those using Incognito Mode.