Karnataka Education Minister Seeks Report on Proposal to Write Off Tipu Sultan from History Books

Bengaluru: After BJP MLA from Madkeri Appachu Ranjan appealed to erase Tipu Sultan from history text books, Karnataka’s primary and secondary education minister Suresh Kumar has written to the Text Book Society to convene a meeting within three days and submit a report.

In a letter addressed to the managing director of the textbook drafting committee, Kumar has asked the members to invite the MLA and discuss the matter in the next three days.

Last week, Ranjan had written to the minister, saying the 18th Century ruler was anti-Kannada and hence should not be glorified and wrongly represented in school textbooks. “We have all heard that the history taught in schools is not complete, and not completely the truth. We must first stop the earlier practice of glorifying Tipu Sultan in our school text books as we have been depicting his character without fully knowing about him. Tipu was out to expand his kingdom and to spread his religion; he never fought for independence” the letter read.

Three days after coming to power, the BJP-led government had called off Tipu Jayanti celebrations that were earlier observed by the state on November 10. In 2017, communal clashes had broken out in Uttara Kannada district over the issue.