Keep these 7 things in mind if planning for Amarnath Yatra

New Delhi: In view of increasing terrorism in valley, it has become mandatory to register for Amarnath Yatra. This year, Amarnath Yatra will be started on both routes from 1 July. Registrations have begun from April 1, for travellers who wishing to visit Baba Barfani.

During this time devotees traveling from both the routes Baltal and Pahalgam can apply for themselves. However, the responsibility of registration is of the Jammu and Kashmir government. If you also want to visit Amarnath this year, then know what is the correct way of registration.

This registration will be done on the basis of ‘first come first serve’ basis. To get this registration form, you must also apply a fitness certification with your application.

A travel permit will be valid for only one passenger registration.

Amarnath Yatra will be around 46 days. For which passengers are required to have a permit. This permit is valid for a certain day and route. No traveller can travel without permission.

About a month before the Amarnath yatra, devotees wishing to travel need to get their registration done for the journey. After which a permit will be issued for travellers to travel.

Permits are issued after registration. Online registration facility will be available for 500 interested pilgrims every day. Both of these routes will be available for 250 passengers from Pahalgam and 250 passengers from Baltal.

In Amarnath Yatra less than 12 years old and passengers above 75 years of age have not been allowed.

Always keep documents and ID proofs related to registration during the journey.

After registration, Identity cards issued to the pilgrims according to the week of travel. The date of travel is marked on it. All the exercises related to the registration are for your safety, These introductory papers are checked at many places during the journey.