Know some amazing things about country’s first election, what were the challenges

Special Desk: The country’s first election was not just election but it was a difficult test. The world was looking at India. The first election year came in 1951. A country which’s 85% population was uneducated, where women were identified not by their own name but in the name of their husband, such a country had to choose its first government. Sukumar Sen got the job of this difficult work. The country’s first Chief Election Commissioner who created the entire structure of elections in the world’s largest democracy.

Big Things of First Election

The whole country’s database was created:

Total voters were 17.6 crores. These were the people who were above the age of 21. This was the first time that the database of voters in the whole country was created on the base of age and gender. Nearly sixteen thousand clerks in the country were placed on contract for six months.

How to cast vote, shown in theatres:

Those who were not able to receive primary education, it was difficult to explain to them how to cast voting. The documentary was shown during the films in more than three thousand theatres of the country, in which the method of voting was explained.

Different ballot box of each candidate:

The second big question was how the voter will choose the candidate according to his choice. Then a solution came out that every candidate will get a different ballot box. Voters will put their ballot in the ballot box by looking at the symbol of the party.

Identification of women was such as ‘Ramu Ki Maa’:

Women used to live in the purdah system. There was no own identity of women. In such a situation when names were added to the voter’s list, the names of women were written in such a way … Ramu Ki Maa, Imran Ki Joru … When CEC Sukumar saw the voter list, they got angry. Such 28 Lac names were removed from the list.

Elections symbol were given to the parties:

Sukumar was upset that how illiterate voters will know that, who is their candidate. From here, the idea of giving election symbols to parties came. Icon given to all 14 National Parties In the first election, the Congress had a symbol of oxen pair. The hand was the sign of the forward block.

Godrej made 16 Lac Ballot Box:

The first election took place in 4500 seats, of which 489 was of the Lok Sabha and the rest of the governments of the states. Godrej, a well-known company, had prepared 16 lakh ballot boxes at the Vicroli (Mumbai) plant for the first Lok Sabha elections. The price of a box was five rupees. Every day 15 thousand boxes were made.

Solution to Stop More Than One Vote:

One person could not vote for more than one vote, so then the indelible ink was developed. In the first election, 3 lakh 89 thousand 816 sheets of indelible ink were used.