Know these rules before booking general ticket by UTS app


New Delhi : Indian Railways has started facilitating booking of general tickets and platform tickets through mobile app from November 1. Now you will not have to take a long line to get these tickets. But in the absence of complete information about this facility, you may have to face difficulties. Here we are telling you about the use of UTS app, everything related to it so that you do not have any problems.

Where to Download:

If you are an Android user, you can download the UTS app from Google Play Store. This is also available for Windows Phone on Windows Store and iOS.

Who can use?

This app can be used by people who are 17 years old and above. Apart from this, those people cannot even use this app, which Indian Railways has suspended before this service.

How to use?

After downloading the UTS app, you first have to register yourself on it. For this sake you will need to enter your mobile number, name, date of birth and password. As soon as you enter these details, an SMS will appear on your mobile, in which the user name and password will be revealed.

R-Wallet Recharge

You also get R-Wallet with the UTS app. But in order to book tickets through this app, it is not necessary that this wallet has the money. According to Indian Railways, this app is integrated with Net Banking, Debit Credit Card, PayTM, UPI, Mobikwik and others.

Can tickets be booked on railway platform?

If you are standing inside the railway station and trying to book the ticket, then this is not allowed to do so. According to the Railway Railway’s commercial rules, you cannot book tickets by reaching the railway platform.

How to show tickets?

According to Indian Railways, you can book tickets in paperless and paper mode. If you book paperless tickets, this app will check your current location. If you are not inside the train and in railway premises then your ticket will be booked. After this you can go to the railway station without hardcopy. It is important that the GPS is enabled on your smartphone. However, when you book or renew season tickets, this is not a necessity.

How to book a paper ticket?

If you want to take a ticket in paper mode, you can book this ticket from anywhere. After booking, you will get a booking ID along with other ticket details. You will get this as a SMS or notification. After that you have booked the ticket for the station. You have to go there and here you will have to print it through ATVM, CoTVM, and OCR machine. Apart from this you can also take hardcopy by reaching the UTS booking counter. For this work you will need to show you’re booking ID.

Which tickets can you take through this app?

Through this app, you can book three types of tickets. This includes Journey Tickets, Season Tickets and Platform Ticket.

How to cancel a booked ticket?

If you have taken a paperless ticket through UTS App, you cannot cancel it. But if you have taken a paper ticket and have taken the print of it, then you can cancel it by reaching the UTS counter within the next hour. In this case you will not get refund as cash. It will be top-up in your R-Wallet or sent to your account.

How to show paperless tickets to TTE?

Paperless tickets can show book tickets in offline and online mode. Without logging in, you can choose the option of ‘Show Booked ticket’ appearing on the login screen. After logging in, you will get this option in the menu itself.

How long will the paperless platform ticket stay valid?

After 2 hours of booking.

What if the mobile become lost?

Suppose you had booked a paperless mobile ticket and you boarded the train. But in the meantime your mobile become lost. After this, if the TTE demands a ticket from you and you cannot give it, then you will be considered to be traveling without ticket.

Where do you contact?

If you have any problem with UTS app or you do not understand anything then you can contact the helpline number and email ID and ask for information. You can reach  for this. Here you will find contact details. Apart from this, you will also find this information in ‘Contact Us’ of UTS app.

You can reach for more information about this app.

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