LS Elections 2019: Exit Poll or Post Poll, Know Which Is Accurate and Trustworthy?

New Delhi: Lok Sabha Elections 2019 has reached its last round and after the last phase of voting on May 19, exit polls will start coming. Everyone’s eyes are fixed on these polls which predict victory and defeat before the consequences. Exit poll is part of Opinion Poll. But the method of extracting both figures is different. Let’s know what is the difference between both and how do they work to take the opinion of voters?

What is Opinion Poll?

The Opinion Poll is directly connected to the voter. In this, statistics are collected in different ways to understand the public opinion. That is, the ways of talking to people, their opinions are adopted differently. There are 3 branches of Opinion Poll – Pre-Poll, Exit Poll and Post Poll. But most people understand Exit Polls and Post Polls as same, but this is not the case. These two are quite different from each other.

What is a Pre-Poll?

Before the announcement and voting of any election, the surveys you see in TV or read in the newspapers that if elections are held today, which party will form the government, this is a pre poll. Let’s assume that the Lok Sabha elections will be held in seven phases from April 11 to May 19, 2019. The election was announced on 11th March. After which the TV channels or newspapers told that which party get how many seats if the elections are held today. It is determined by the pre-poll.

What is the exit poll?

Exit poll always conduct on the day of voting. Soon after when voter comes out after cast vote, by questioning him it is analysed. This is called exit poll. Data is collected on the day of voting, and the exit poll is shown in the evening of the last voting day.

What is fixed in the post poll?

Post poll results are more accurate. In the exit poll, the survey agency immediately calculates the opinion. Whereas post polls are held always on the next day or after a couple of days after the voting. Tell you that the sixth phase voting took place on May 12. So the surveying agency has learned the opinion of voters on 13, 14, or 15 May, it is called post poll.

Which is trustworthy?

Its direct answer is post poll. Sampling matters most if you go to statistics. On this basis it can be said that the exit poll is more likely to be wrong than the pre poll or post poll, because in the process of exit poll, those scientific methods not found which is used in the post poll or pre poll.

Why is it more accurate?

Field work is one of the biggest things to know about public opinion through post poll. For sampling, the employees of the polling survey agency meet the common people and know their views. Those who are involved in this process are given a form to fill. So that voters’ identity is kept secret and they feel free to give your opinion. This form is kept in a sealed box.

Sampling in the post poll is the most important. Post polls occur after one or two days of voting. While opinions are taken on voting day by voters in exit poll. In this mode, opinions are heard from the voters on the polling booth, while the people of the agency go to the villages, towns and districts to get opinions from the Opinion Poll. In such a situation, He puts the form of his name in the box which he has voted.