Mumbai Indians Play Virtual Match On Twitter Against CSK On Mar 29 At 8 PM

NEW DELHI: The ill-fated IPL 2020 was scheduled to begin on March 29 but the coronavirus pandemic has poured water on the BCCI’s planning of the competition. With reports now emerging that the IPL 2020 may be completely called off, fans around the country have been seen expressing their sadness on social media. Amidst all this, the Mumbai Indians’ official Twitter account tried to cheer up its fans with some nostalgic tweets on the Mumbai Indians vs. Chennai Super Kings match day.

While the fate of the IPL 2020 remains highly unpredictable, the Mumbai Indians’ Twitter account attempted to go about business as usual. At 7:30 PM IST on what was supposed to be the original matchday between the Mumbai Indians and the Chennai Super Kings, this tweet came from the Mumbai Indians Twitter account.

The BCCI had the IPL postponed amidst rising fears around the novel coronavirus to a date beyond April 15. It is now being reported that the league is going to be scrapped completely and the next IPL will happen in 2021. No official announcements have been made by the BCCI regarding the same. The first match of the IPL was scheduled for March 29 and was to be played between the Mumbai Indians and the Chennai Super Kings.

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