People Agitating Despite Rise In Materialistic Pleasure: RSS Chief

New Delhi: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Saturday said everyone is unhappy in the society and constantly agitating notwithstanding a “many-fold rise” in materialistic comforts and pleasures.

Addressing a gathering of Sangh workers and intellectuals here in Gujarat, Mr Bhagwat also said that even political parties who are not in power are also agitating.

“Inspite of increase in comforts and materialistic pleasures, everyone is unhappy and is staging agitations. Be it owner or servant, a party in opposition, the common man students, teachers, everyone is unhappy and dissatisfied,” the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) chief said.

He was speaking on the topic “India’s Role in the Present World Context”.

Mr Bhagwat further said that bigotry, violence and terrorism are on the rise in the present world.

“India has to give ‘dharma’ (wisdom) to the world so that knowledge spreads but humans do not become robotic. We have always talked about the concept of global family but not global market,” he said.

The lecture was organised by “Madhav Smruti Nyas”, an organisation backed by the RSS.

“To think that we are living in a better world is a half truth. Facilities are not evenly distributed. Rule of Jungle is prevailing. A capable person is crushing the weak to climb up. Knowledge is used more for the destruction of the world,” the Sangh chief said.

Mr Bhagwat said people are also misusing social media by spreading “false information” to create controversies.

He also stated that trying to put “everyone into one uniform” is also a form of bigotry.

“US and Russia are super powers. China would become a super power too. Now, what super power nations did to others? They just took control of other countries for their own selfish agenda. These super powers gave it back only when they were asked to do so. Otherwise, they never gave anything to others,” said Mr Bhagwat.