PM Modi in mosque,will attend the Bohra muslim program….

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached Indore today to join the Dawoodi Bohra Muslim community program. Here, the Prime Minister is taking part in the program with 53rd religious leader Syedna Muftafauddin Saifuddin of the Bohra community. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan is also present with him.

This program is being done in the commemoration of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein ‘Asra Mubaraka’. This is happening for the first time in the history of Bohra society when a prime minister is joining a sermon program. The Government of Saivadin has given Saifuddin status as a state guest.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that coming among all of us always inspires me, gives a new experience. Thank you so much so that you called me on this sacred occasion of Ashra Mubarak. He said that Bohra society has always been the message of peace. The Prime Minister said that Imam Hussain was martyred for peace and justice.

The Prime Minister said that this power of giving the message of peace separates us from the world; Bohra society is telling the world the power of our country. The PM said that we are proud of our past, believe in the present. I always talk about the contribution made by the Bohra society to the world.

He said that the role of Bohra society has been very important to patriotism. Through their discourse Dharmaguru speaks of their love for mud.

Bohra Dharmaguru fervently praised Modi

Syedna Muftafa Saifuddin, 53rd of the Bohra community, praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi during this time. He said that it is a big deal for the Prime Minister to join us in the memory of Imam Hussein’s martyrdom. He said that Allah give power to the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to take this world forward.

He said that the love of the Wata, loyalty to the woven and the participation in the law is the belief of the Muslims of India. Bohra Dharmaguru said that Muslims get love in every part of the country, including Gujarat, Maharashtra.

On this occasion, Shivraj Singh Chauhan said that today’s day is going to be historic in the history of India. He said that the Prime Minister dreamed that everyone should have a roof over by 2022, both the Bohra community and our Prime Minister are engaged in removing the suffering of the poor.

Shivraj said that if there is any society, who is loving the person, helping others and disciplined, then it is a Bohara society.

Let us say that this program of PM Modi Bohra community will stop 30 minutes on the Saifi Mosque. In Madhya Pradesh, assembly elections will be held after two months. In such a situation, the political meaning of the meeting of the Prime Minister of Bohra Muslim community has been started.
A three-tier security arrangement has been made for 3500 soldiers for PM Modi. During this time, more than 125 cameras will be monitored by German technology, with the help of these cameras, people will be able to see the nails. Indore no flying zone will be for 20 minutes for the prime minister’s arrival and departure.

Let me tell that Syedna Muftaq Saifuddin Indore has come on a 20-day tour. During this time he would also inaugurate the three mosques with the discourse. About 1.7 lakh people from more than 40 countries are expected to reach Indore in order to meet the religious leaders of the Bohra community and listen to their discourse.

Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, Minister of State for Cooperatives State of Uttar Pradesh, Biswas Sarang, Lok Sabha MP from Ratlam-Jhabua area, Kantilal Bhuria and other leaders welcomed the Syedna Muftheed Saifuddin’s arrival at Indore.