Rogue dog unleashed terror in steel city, injures 30 people


Rourkela: At least 30 persons including children were injured as a stray dog on the prowl attacked them in a busy marketplace here since past 24 hours. The rogue canine species that has unleashed a reign of terror remained elusive even as Rourkela Municipal Corporation authorities have launched a drive to catch and tame it. The injured persons were administered anti-rabbis vaccines and are stated to be out of danger. The marketplace where dog biting cases were reported wears deserted look.

The dog comes from nowhere and pounces to target mostly pedestrians. Then it vanishes from the spot, said eyewitnesses.

Residents of the steel town are peeved over the municipal corporation’s inaction in curbing the canine menace.

The population of stray dogs had climbed alarmingly in recent times. Consequently cases of dog biting had also spurted up. It’s high time the civic body undertakes the sterilization drive of these animals under Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme, said a local resident Kedar Hota.