Serial blasts in Sri Lanka on Easter, more than 100 injured

Colombo: On the occasion of Easter 2019, there have been serial blasts in Sri Lanka. In a statement issued by the Sri Lankan Police, it has been said that bomb blast at least six places have been reported. It is being told that there are 3 bomb blasts in Colombo’s church. Apart from this, 2 hotels have also exploded. According to the initial information, more than 100 people are being injured in these blasts. Police believe that the number of injured can increase. These blasts took place when a prayer meeting was going on in the church.

It is known that in the last few years there have been conflicts between Buddhists and Christian communities in North Sri Lanka. In such a situation, this area was already on alert. Although it is being told that the security personnel did not have any idea of ​​the fact that the attackers could target the church. In the initial report, it is being said that hotels in Batticola, Nagonbo and Colombo and hotels in Bangla including Shangri La and Kingsbury have been hit.

More details awaited