‘Shaktimaan’ Mukesh Khanna REVEALS The Real Reason Behind Why The Show Went Off-Air

MUMBAI: Owing to the coronavirus pandemic classic shows have made a return to the television and one of those is our beloved Shaktimaan. Ever since the show has returned on television, Mukesh Khanna has been making headlines. Shaktimaan is the first-ever Indian superhero and we have all grown up watching him.

In one of the recent interviews, Mukesh reiterated the whole experience of playing the iconic character of Shaktimaan. The show went on-air in 1997 and lasted till March 2005. He also spoke about the red and golden Shaktimaan costume and revealed that the chakra was inspired by the Anahata chakra which is the fourth primary chakra.

While talking to Pinkvilla, he quoted, “When we were thinking about the design, we had spoken to a famous designer also. She had drawn a sketch for us but then we developed it within with more discussion. We majorly concentrated on the chakras which were placed in the middle of the torso. The chakra was inspired by the Anahata chakra which is the fourth primary chakra. This chakra has 12 petals and we focused most on ensuring we have not more than 12 petals on it. It controls the heart, lungs and more. We kept the colour maroon because it is the colour of valour. So, all of this we developed with time.”

He also recalled how they were running short on money during the shoot and when they started to earn. “I remember there was a time when there was a shortage of money and the staff would collect 15,000 to 20,000 and we would shoot and I would return them the money. What saved us in all this was the economy of the project and the sudden success it got. The slot which was given to us was a non-prime time slot but the show was so successful that it became their prime time slot later. But, because initially, it was not a prime slot, the fee for the two-slot I got was under Rs 3,80,000. We started earning in the first 1-6 episodes,” he added.

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