SOPS chairman Deepak Malviya meet former CJI Deepak Mishra

New Delhi: Deepak Malviya, Chairman of the Lok Sevak Mandal (servant of the people society) arrived to meet former Chief Justice Deepak Mishra, where discussions about the activities and social work of the organization were discussed.

Justice Mishra has recently got a doctorate degree. Justice Deepak Mishra, who retired from the Supreme Court on October 2 last year, started his career as an advocate from the Odisha High Court.

As the Chief Justice of India, the important decisions he has made in the last weeks of his tenure are directly related to Indian social, political, family and personal freedom. The case of right to equality of women or the abolition of the adult law, all these judgments of Deepak Mishra show how much he has been concerned about the right of individual freedom in the Constitution .