Surrendered Maoist Returns To Mainstream

Bhubaneswar: Not long back, he triggered bullets to kill humans. Today he has shunned the path of violence to return to the mainstream. On the wheels, he is driving an auto rickshaw to eke out a living, thus setting sort of precedent for naxals waging guerrilla warfare against the State.

Meet 45-year-old Rama Kabashi. Ferrying passengers in his auto rickshaw in Malkangiri town, Rama is a transformed man leading a happy and peaceful life.

Disillusioned with the ultra-left ideology, Rama who was carrying cash reward of Rs 5 lakh on his head had surrendered on June 2017 and had pledged to join the mainstream.

“I was an active cadre of outlawed Maoist outfit. I was involved in armed operations against security forces in Chattishgarh, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. I was swayed away by outlawed organization as they pledged to socially, economically and financially uplift of the impoverished tribal settlers in Malkangiri district. However they did little and exploited them in their armed rebellion against the state”, Rama said.

So I decided to leave the path of armed struggle and surrendered. The State government had given away Rs 9 lakh to me as part of rehabilitation policy for surrendered Maoists. I have deposited the money in bank savings accounts for future security. I have no land. Initially I had taken up tenant farming. Thereafter I borrowed money from bank to buy an auto. I am earning Rs 600 to Rs 700 a day by ferrying passengers. I am leading a happy life today, he added,