The bright days of Facebook become dusk! Employees searching new job

New Delhi: After investigating many data leak cases in Facebook and the company’s stock price has fallen, its employees have started searching for jobs in other companies. It looks like Facebook’s troubles can be increase.

According to a report of CNBC, Facebook workers are asking their former colleagues to find a new job for them. Nearly six former workers of Facebook told that they are getting calls from the people working in Facebook to find a new job and their number is increasing.

According to the report, where this behavior is normal in other companies, but this behavior is uncommon, because Facebook is known as a company that nobody wants to leave.

While there is no solid figure showing a significant increase in the company’s leaving employees or dissatisfaction with company, the former director of Facebook believes that the number of those who quit Facebook can increase this year.

According to a report published last month in the Wall Street Journal that cites internal surveys in Facebook, only a little more than 52 percent of Facebook’s employees say that they are optimistic for Facebook’s future.

What was the case?

Facebook has been in contention since the personal data leak case of 87 million users by Cambridge Analytica. Its credibility is also damaged. Cambridge Analytica was accused of stealing personal information of about five million Facebook users, which helped Donald Trump, in the US presidential election. This information was allegedly used to support Trump during the election and to spoil the image of the opponent. It was considered the largest data leak in Facebook’s history. Cambridge Analytica received private data from users via a poll.