The dual benefits of charcoal food

Charcoal food is the new trend driving foodies and Instagrammers crazy. These foods obtain their deep dark hue from natural ingredients like coconut shells, bamboo and oak. The porous nature of these foods has the capacity to trap chemicals and toxins in the body and eliminate the same from the system. This unique functionality has brought activated charcoal into the limelight for various health benefits. It is advantageous to the gut and does help in relieving gas and bloating. “For episodes of indigestion or even chemical, alcohol, and drug poisoning activated charcoal can be used to quickly treat the body and prevent any harm,” avers nutritionist and food coach, Anupama Menon. She however cautions, “I wouldn’t recommend overuse of this product as it could cause dehydration, reduce the effect of medication by making it less available to the body and also reduce the efficacy of nutrients like the Vitamins B.”

We scouted a bunch of places where you can slurp down black hued food with natural elements that are said to be 100% safe for consumption…


The whole wheat charcoal roll is made of wheat and charcoal powder, which they prepare themselves. The roll combines mint chutney, a generous layer of fresh cream, sprinkled cabbage and black chicken tikkas. It gives food an earthy, smoky taste while the black colouring provides an exotic, fashionable appearance.

“The whole idea of seeing something different gives customers something unique to order, it intrigues them to try it out. The benefits of black charcoal are much hyped and it also gives an altogether different taste. It is especially delectable for those who prefer spicy food,” says Aslam Batatawala, wwner of Eat-o-logy.

Chicks & Friends

Charcoal is a fun ingredient in many bread, cake, and cookie recipes throughout Asia. It lends a beautiful, distinctive look to baked products. The preparation of this type of bread is obtained by the addition of vegetal charcoal. The taste is the same as brown bread or whole wheat bread only the crust is a little harder than the normal. The chicken, which is crispy and succulent, makes the Charcoal Zinger Burger luscious in every bite.

Salad Days

This delivery kitchen recommends Black 01, a drink that contains activated charcoal, which is believed to have a detox effect. It also contains lemon, Kaffir lime, honey, Himalayan salt and purified water. It has a taste similar to lemonade but with the sweetness of honey, instead of sugar. However, detox should not be encouraged as a regular practice. The focus should be on consuming healthy and nutritious food as part of an overall healthy lifestyle, which doesn’t require a detox.


This dessert parlour offers Charcoal Ice-Cream, which is unusual and delicious. Black chocolate monster ice-cream with carbon cone is one of their signature specialties since 2016. It combines perfect texture with a richness of taste. The cherry on the top was dollops of Nutella and choco chips. It will leave you asking for seconds!