Transgender Community Observes Savitri Vrata

Bhubaneswar: The transgender community in Odisha on Monday observed ‘Savitri Vrata’ by praying for the well being of the society

The annual ritual is religiously practised by married Odia women of Odisha by observing day-long fasting. The transgenders also observe the Vrata seeking the wellbeing, hapiness and prosperity of their community and the society as a whole.

Married women pray for their husband to have a long life. They resort to fasting. The fast is dedicated to Savitri, who saved her husband Satyavan from being taken by the death god. Legend has it that Savitri was able to rescue her husband, Satyavan, from the clutches of Yama, the god of death. She achieved this impossible task through sheer determination, courage and perseverance.

Like the married women, we observe the Vrata. We pray for hapiness and proseprity of everybody right from our Guru, fellow transgenders to people living in our neighbourhood. We obseve fast and pray for the society’s wellbeing, said Sweety Sahu, an office-bearer of All Odisha Transgender Association.